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Agricultural Product and Cargo Inspection

A great portion of the trade between countries in the region consists of agricultural products and fertilizers.  During the forwarding of these cargoes from Seller to Buyer, it is inevitable to use the services of an independent surveyor for the safety of the cargo.  The surveyor company with the presence of his representatives both at the loading place and at the destination ensures the contractual quality and quantity.  Results are accepted by Seller and Buyer, in case of any problem arising during the transport, they will be informed immediately and may take measures against it.  Inspectors can sample and constantly monitor the quality of the goods whether it is inventory stock or it is being loaded.  Our accredited laboratory analyzes the samples as per the request of the clients no matter it is according to the Hungarian Standard, Budapest Commodity Exchange or European Standard.  The results are reported to client on paper certificate or e-certificate in Hungarian or English. Our certificates are accept by all participants of the economy not only in Hungary but as a result of our cooperation with an international organization, in almost all countries of the world.

Items inspected:
-    Grains (wheat, barley, triticale etc.)
-    Corn
-    Oilseeds (sunflower seed, rapeseed)
-    Soybean meal
-    Pulses
-    Vegetables, fruits
-    Other  (flour, oil meals, mixed feed, malt)

Inspection activities
-    Identification of cargo as per documents and checking the packing,
-    Sampling  (road / rail / water-carriage / in bulk / in container / in bags / inventory stocks)
-    Suitability inspection of warehouses / silos /railcars /barges /trucks)
-    Organoleptic inspection
-    Expert opinion in case of claims,
-    Quantity and quality check (in case of barges – draft weight measurement)
-    Sealing of all means of transport (barge, truck, rail),
-    Sealing of samples and their storage,
-    Analysis (as the request of the client according to Hungarian or International standards)
-    Radiology analysis,
-    Issuing certificates

-    Preshipment inspection
-    Inspection at loading / transloading / unloading
-    Inventory stock inspection

-    Certificate of quality
-    Certificate of quantity
-    Draft survey report
-    Cleanliness certificate
-    Certificate of radiology
-    Other certificates
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