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Technical Inspection

Technical inspection

The MERTCONTROL Group carries out technical inspections independently – apart from its strategic partner.

Technical inspection of lifting machines upon first put in operation.
The Hungarian regulation 1993. XCIII. 21§ stipulates that certain hazardous capital equipment’s at first put in operation must pass a conformity assessment and the result of this must be stipulated in a report.
Apart from the statutory requirements it is often a condition when invoicing and handing over lifting machines to have such a report issued or the EC declaration of conformity (or the CE mark) serves also the bases of directives of these equipment.

The ÉBSZ (Lifting Security Rule), subject to a variety of lifting equipment (cranes, lifting equipment, lifting equipment) prior to entry into health and safety aspects of tests (statutory requirement: 93 XCIII. Mvt § 21, 47/1999. GM - I ÉBSZ / 7.1.)

Lifting equipment design and engineering consultancy services for setting, coordinating activities as consultant
Our institute performs all the testing in order that your business is no concern of the law to install such equipment.

Periodic examination of lifting equipment

 We offer assistance for the safe operation of the following: cranes, trolleys, lifting equipment, stage equipment,.
Safety testing of machinery and equipment.

• Advice to eliminate the weaknesses.
• Periodic reviews of safety performance.
• The documentation necessary for safe operation (operation, management, maintenance instructions, manuals, etc..) preparation, purchase of Lifting machinery, lifting equipment.
• Installation of new equipment before putting into operation, safety compliance review precedings.

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